5 Things We Learned From The Latest League Of Legends World Championship

The winter 2015 world championship of League of Legends was a history making event. The largest viewing audience ever, the most widely publicized build up ever, and of course the first double world champions of the game. Berlin hosted the best players and teams in the world, but for those in the know it clearly looked as though it was going to be a one horse race from the start. Here we are going to list the 5 most important realizations we should all have taken from the occurrences in the latest world championships.

SK Telecom T1 (SKT) Have a Weakness

If you watch the final from the world championship when SKT played Koo Tigers (KOO), there are a series of dramatic moments in the game where SKT looked incredibly vulnerable. For such a strong powerhouse of a team, the vulnerability was shocking in this passage of play. They are so good that even when they seem to be being overrun and outplayed, they still maintain a steely foothold in the match. But KOO did expose something for us to note. SKT are human like everyone else, and sometimes rushing them early can potentially have huge benefits over the course of a game!

Koo had a moment in the match within the 3rd game where they managed to get 5 early kills and instead of sitting back on their early victory to let the game play out, they carried on this aggressive yet controlled style of play. It seemed to take SKT by surprise and for the rest of the game, SKT were on the back foot. This is perhaps a technique more underdogs could try to implement when having to face off with the champions.

Korean’s Definitely Rule League of Legends

The two best teams in the world, SKT and KOO are both Korean. This is not a coincidence, it’s just something you can feel when you watch the games. They are in a different league to teams from the rest of world. Whatever they are doing in Korea to produce such fine talent, it is a lot better than what the rest of us are doing. Based on the results of the major in Berlin, its looks as though the next 5 years at least of League of Legends is going to be dominated by Korean teams.

Players all say it’s very different in Korea. The culture is very accepting of the video game industry to the point it’s almost regarded as the country’s national sport. This type of infrastructure is what is needed to produce the world’s best talent, and as long as Korea is the only country with such an embracing culture towards esport they are very likely going to remain dominant.

SKT Are Actually Getting Better

In any sport it’s very common for athletes to dwindle over time. Traditionally you hit your prime quite young and then win your best achievements at that stage. With SKT however this is not the case. When they won their first world title in 2013, they suffered three losses. This was quite impressive at the time. In the 2015 world championship, however, they won the title with only one loss. A very simple way of looking at this is that they are clearly better than they were two years ago, as it is highly unlikely everyone else in the game has somehow gotten worse!