In this article we are going to have a look at some of the most important aspects of League of Legends bettors should pay attention to when picking bets on the game. These factors are not in order, but each of them is vital to understanding the likelihood of results in matches. Here they are:

Understand The Difference Between Live and Pre-Game Betting

Bookmakers should commonly offer both live and pre-game bets. If betting live, you are making your picks as the action happens. In this situation it is important to react to signals available in the match early on. Do the underdogs look confident? Which way is momentum building? Who wins the first big team fight?

When you bet pre-game, you should be basing your picks more on statistics and the past performances of each team leading up to the game.

Identify Dark Horses

If you do an internet search for “League of Legends world rankings” you will be provided a long list of sites detailing the current ratings of all the top teams in order from 1st to last. Look for matchups between top teams and those lower down the list. If you are betting pre-game, your approach should be to study the playing styles of both teams in each match. League of Legends is full of varying strategies and roles, but form is still a huge factor and it is easy to identify. If an underdog has been winning a lot in the run up to the game, and the higher rated team’s latest results have been less than expected, the underdog can be worth serious consideration.

If betting live the job is more simple. The most clear indicators of which team is stronger on the day can be found in the first engagements. Usually the team that wins the first big team battle is going to have a huge advantage in the rest of the game, and will be filled with confidence from the outset.

Pay Close Attention To Lane Preferences

All teams will have a favorite match up (character to play against), so it is important to find out what these are for all the top teams. After the character selection in the beginning of the game players will match up against opponent players in certain areas of the map. This is referred to as the lanes. You will need an understanding of which players are going to be the most confident against their match ups, if they have the edge in their lane they will be able to have a huge impact on the rest of the game.

Watch The Junglers On Each Team

These players have a wider effect on the game from wherever they are. Often they can be caught matched up against the other team’s Jungler, this can be a telling aspect of the game in terms of who is more dominant. Junglers that earn early kills and victories will then be granted serious advantages for the rest of the game. So when betting live these are key characters to keep an eye on! A Jungler scoring first blood or killing the enemy Jungler will have the power to bolster his team throughout the match. Identify when this is about to happen and react quickly as odds will change rapidly based on this particular dynamic.