The best players in the world at League of Legends all play for some for the best teams on the planet. In a game that revolves around quick decision making, agile reflects and the ability to deliver rapid combat instructions, individuals can still turn the tide. The best players in the world become the best by proving themselves at the highest levels, so who should you be looking out for in the next major? Let’s take a look at a hand full of the game’s most highly rated talent.


The best team in the world is SK Telecom T1, and MaRin is the team’s current hot property. He is effectively the team’s striker. All the other players set MaRin up for killer blows to dominate team fights, which is one of the most crucial elements in the combat system of League of Legends. This makes his kill to death ratio incredible and that is one of the most precious statistics in the game, much like a striker in soccer having the most goals for a side. This does not make MaRin a lazy glory hogger however, as he is deftly quick and a very accurate player, which is what enables him to make this role possible.


Faker is regarded as one of the best League of Legends players of all time. Why is he not number one right now? Simply because his fame and talent have earned him ridiculous amounts of controlling attention from opposing teams. This means rather than play for kills, Faker at this time, has to play more like a decoy. Taunting players into vital areas where MaRin can strike at them. Oh yes of course I should have mentioned, the two best rated players in the world, play on the same team! The combination of the two of them working in sync to annihilate opponents is a key component of SK telecom’s mighty arsenal.


NL is a member of the Flash Wolves team. He plays as a Carry. The title of the role is misleading. It suggests he plays a support role. This is not the case. In League of Legends the Carry role is deadly, in every sense of the world. NL’s kill ratio is one of the most impressive in the entire sport. His ability to monitor the actions of opposing players, waiting for the correct opportunities to strike is widely believed to be unparalleled. It also helps that he is an obsessively aggressive player. He leads and his team are often forced to follow.