League of Legends is currently esports’ top game. It supports the largest number of professional gamers out of all the games in professional gaming and is the biggest scene in the competitive gaming business right now. Here we are going to take a quick look at the best teams in the world of League of Legends. Who they are and why they deserve one of the top spots in the sport. In esports you are only as good as your last tournament, so this list will generally be based on the results of the 2015 world championship performances in Berlin.

SK Telecom T1

This Korean team are the undisputed champions of League of legends. In the last world major they nearly completed the entire tournament without a loss, the team is made up of some of the game’s best players, and they are widely regarded as the best League of Legends team to ever play the game. Their ability to work so well as a team, control the lanes at will and react to sharp or drastic changes in an opponent’s play is what drives them to the top of the rankings. Domination is a world not used much in traditional sports. But when these guys play, they don’t just win, they dominate.

KOO Tigers

These guys became runners up in the last League of Legends world championship, losing to SK Telecom T1 in the final. They might have been the clear underdog in that game but they are no pushover. Also a Korean team, Koo Tigers play with a style that counter strikes the lesser teams to enable them seemingly effortless wins against inferior opposition. It’s only when they play the best in the world that these techniques seem to limit them. It’s not a close No.2, but being the no.1 contender in the sport means they are no.1 at something at least!

Edward Gaming

Most fans would consider Edward Gaming no.3 in the world of League of Legends, even if they didn’t have quite the performance most expected in the latest major. These guys play a very savvy game, with one of the best mid lane players in the business, known as EDG. Holding the mid lane is essential in League of legends, it’s like the quarterback role in American Football. So they have a strong core, but recent performances have shown their lack of team unity when things don’t go according to plan.


Fnatic is a European franchise team with fingers in multiple esports pies. This team is very balanced and contains some of the highest rated players in the game. This used to be a top map heavy team. Their success would come from controlling the advantageous higher tiers on the map and effectively bullying their opponents into playing at their pace. Now however they have developed some more adaptability, having evolved their game to exploit the trio of very handy carriers in the side. A team full of potential for future progress would be an appropriate summary for Fnatic.