If you don’t know much about League of Legends, the most important thing you should be told right away  is that these guys run the show! We don’t actually mean that they organize the games, we simply mean that they are the best of the best! In this article we are going to take a quick look at the core aspects that make SKT T1 the greatest League of Legends team to walk the earth. Starting with the most obvious point of all:

Two Time World Champions

This is a no brainer so becoming world champions twice is the first and foremost reason. Doing this twice in pretty new game is exceptional. It’s exceptional not just in League of Legends, or in esports, but in all sports. Being the world champions twice with the same team (group of players) is outstandingly rare. This makes them the best right now and many would argue the best of all time!

Two Of The Best Players In The World

“Two of” the best is perhaps being a little too kind to everyone else. Faker and MaRin are the two best League of Legends players in the world right now. Faker is widely thought of as the best of all time. He may not be as imperious as perhaps one or two years ago, but becoming famous for all the right reasons has its cost. He now acts as a decoy for MaRin who snaps up the kills as the teams Carry. But Faker still has it, let’s not forget that for one second! If having the greatest player of all time on the team is not enough, having the second best player in the world on the team to help him out should do the trick!

Psychological Edge

Possibly more than in any other sport, psychology plays a huge role in gaming. Especially in a rapid command game like League of Legends, where every decision can have beneficial as well as severely damaging consequences. When you watch SKT T1 play it’s not like watching other teams.

They are revered, feared and placed on a throne as one of the sports great dream teams. Faker is intimidating, but their modern playing style is no longer centered around relying on him to make hugely impressive individualistic efforts. Now he fits into a mold. A system where he uses the extra “attention” all opposing teams instinctively feel they need to give him, and he turns this into a way of luring enemies into traps. Traps usually closed in by MaRin and the other huge hitting Carry the team employs, Bang.

Reactions To Varying Play

What most gamers and esport pundits would suggest an underdog should do against a clear favorite is to  “mix it up”. Try something very different tactically to try and unbalance a very confident team. This has caused upsets in the past. The thing with SKT T1 is that they react to this circumstance exceptionally well. This is meant to be every strong team’s weak spot, but SKT T1 have in a way made it their specialty to handle. It’s going to take something extremely special to push these guys off the throne, something more special than old age and retirement.