Why Mobile Esports Is On the Rise

Esports on PC and console is now booming, and it looks set to continue this growth in the coming years. But there is another trend that many gamers might not be so familiar with yet. Here we are going to take a quick look at some of the most important reasons for the rise in mobile esports. As the current wild west in esports, competitive mobile gaming is the latest frontier and there are a bunch of reasons behind this growth that you should really know about! Let’s check them out.

The Accessibility and Scale of Mobile Gaming

This is the biggest reason driving the explosive growth in competitive mobile gaming. The sheer popularity of gaming on mobile devices will inevitably mean people will start to compete with them. Huge scale popularity and engagement in any gaming media means a huge amount of capable players, and a gigantic amount of people interested in who the best are. To give you an idea of this scale, the player population for hardcore games (fans of competitive PC  and console games) is estimated to be around 100 million worldwide, whereas the mobile games global user base is closer to 2 billion.

Millions To Billions

Although PC and console gaming has become increasingly affordable over recent years, mobile games in comparison are incredibly cheap and so extremely more accessible. Mobile gaming is more of a mainstream product than a niche, and this results in audiences and gaming fans not just in the millions but in the billions globally. The fans of esports right now are almost purely hardcore gamers. But imagine an esport where the audience is global, mainstream, and appeals to a wide range of ages, ethnicity and both genders. Mobile esports has the unique potential to be the first sport that can have an appeal to such an expansive demographic.

Increasingly Capable Mobile Devices

Smart phones have been widespread and mainstream media devices for several years now. In recent years designs have been edging towards increasingly wide and sensitive screens. This means games designed for these devices can be made more in depth in terms of control and dynamics as well as more visually impressive. Competitive gaming has a couple of simple prerequisites:

1.    Gameplay must be deep enough that players can always find new evolving strategies to implement against one another.
2.    The visuals have to be attractive enough to entertain a viewing audience.

These boxes can now be ticked, and so now we are seeing mobile games developed that are as beautiful as they are complex. Developers can now design games fit for competitive play and they will, because a global audience is waiting for them.

A Star For Every Market

People watch sports to find out who’s the best. When these elite players are identified they become stars. In traditional esports the stars are typically all the same demographic. Young men in their 20s, hardcore tech fans and “indoor” types. This makes them great advocates of products suitable for this single narrow demographic. But what if an esport produced a much wider variety of stars. Girls, young and old people, rich, poor, tech friendly and even the not so tech savvy. What if a sports star could be just about anyone. This is one of the most interesting and powerful concepts of mobile gaming. In terms of marketing, the range of “influencers” it will be able to produce is pretty much unlimited.